Tips for avoiding fires with electric scooters and electric bikes

Tips for avoiding fires with electric scooters and electric bikes

It is frightening and tragic when electric scooters and electric bikes catch fire. According to reports, this disaster has already claimed several lives in the country. Manufacturers and customers are concerned about these incidents. The craze for electric vehicles could collapse due to fires and battery explosions, both of which are highly unusual.

How can fires in electric scooters be avoided?

Overheating, short circuits, malfunctions or voltages in the lithium-ion batteries are likely the main causes of fires in e-scooters and e-bikes, according to auto and fire experts. The basic elements needed to make these batteries include lithium, cobalt and nickel, all of which are highly flammable.

The Union government has asked manufacturers to seek answers as soon as possible. According to one manufacturer, a battery management system that ensures the safety and effectiveness of the batteries is critical to dealing with such problems.

A) Check your e-scooter regularly or take it to an authorized service provider for maintenance.
B) Place your e-scooter in the shade, not in the sun or rain.
C) Be extremely careful when replacing the battery.
D) If possible, ride your e-scooter or e-bike in normal mode and avoid excessive use in hot temperatures
E) Charge your e-scooter or e-bike only at night during the summer and avoid unattended overnight charging as this will shorten the battery life.
F) Do not connect the e-scooter to the mains until the batteries have cooled down to room temperature.
G) Do not charge the e-scooter batteries with non-approved chargers.
H) Keep your e-scooter or e-bike away from flammable or heated equipment when charging.

Here are some important issues to consider while maintaining your electric scooter in India.

A. Is it OK to wash your electric scooter or bike with water?

No. Many components in these e-vehicles are sensitive and not fully protected from water and chemicals. Therefore, you should not wash your e-scooter with water. However, you can wipe it with a clean and damp towel to dry it off. You should never use salt water to clean an e-scooter.

B. Where can you park an e-scooter when it is not in use?

Your electric scooter should be parked in a safe, neat, clean and dry environment and away from combustible materials. Do not leave your electric bike charging in the parking lot all night. It should not be parked in direct sunlight. On streets, you should park in the shade of trees.

C. What should you do before you start a ride on an e-scooter?

Perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle before riding the e-scooter. Look for anomalies and faults. Check the tire pressure and the brakes. Also check the horn, headlights, and taillights.

D. Is it OK to ride with a passenger in an e-scooter?

Yes. In India, it is legal to ride with another person on an e-scooter. However, remember that you should not overload your e-scooter with more than 2 people on board.

E. How often do you need to have the battery and vehicle checked?

The condition of the vehicle and the battery of older electric scooters must be checked every 2-3 months. Always take your e-scooter to an authorised service centre if you notice any anomalies such as reduced mileage or range or overheating.

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