Move OS 3 update!! Stable Version Coming Soon... All about MOVE OS 3.0

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MoveOS 3 update!! Stable Version Coming Soon...

Ola Electric today announced that it has started rolling out MoveOS 3 update to all of its electric scooters, that is the Ola S1 and the Ola S1 Pro. Here’s what we know about the new OS.

MoveOS 3 is Ola’s third major over-the-air upgrade for its e-scooter series. Currently, only the Ola S1 Air has MoveOS 3. The software was announced by Ola in Diwali. ET Online

Those interested can request beta access to MoveOS 3 from website.

On your Ola scooter’s dash, swipe left twice to access ‘Settings’. Go to ‘System update’ and tap ‘Download’. 3. Once the update is downloaded, click on ‘Install now’.

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