Electric Scooter BGAUSS B8

Electric scooters are launched day by day and today we focus on BGAUSS B8 which is already on sale in India. 

First of all we would like to comment on the build quality of BGAUSS B8 electric scooter. The quality of the fiber materials and the finishing is very good. 

BGAUSS B8 is presently the flagship model of BGAUSS. An electric scooter model with German Technology making it an easy smart efficient city commuter.  

BGAUSS B8 comes with a IP67 rated 1900 watt BLDC hub motor made by Bosch India and is equipped with three riding modes which can be chosen by the rider as per his or her comfort. In first mode the scooter travels at speed of 35 kmph, in the second mode the scooter travels 45 kmph and in third mode the scooter travels around 50 kmph which being the top speed of this e-scooter. 

BGAUSS B8 electric scooter comes with a removable 1.45 kWh Lithium-ion battery which can be fully charged in 3 hours. The battery gets 80% charged in 2 hours. The scooter is expected to run around 70 kms in a single charge. The electricity consumption for a full charge is roughly 1.25 units which in turn can be less than Rs 17/-

BGAUSS B8 has a wide legroom and a load capacity of 130 kgs with both rider and pillion included. The electric scooter comes with a front telescopic suspension and rear hydraulic suspension.

Some of the features offered are Push button start, CBS (Combined Braking System), Find your scooter, front carry bag hook, Mobile charging point along with mobile holder, Remote lock and unlock, Anti theft motor locking and alarm etc..  

BGAUSS B8 comes with 10 inch alloy wheels with tubeless tyres from CEAT along with Front and Rear disc brakes. The electric scooter comes with a decent under seat storage too. 

There are three ways to start this electric scooter – one is with the key, second is with the remote and third there is a button GO given in the instrument cluster which can also be used to start riding the scooter.

The e-scooter comes with a digital instrument cluster which gives us information on any malfunction which the scooter may undergo. Also it shows the speed, different modes, range, battery charge, time, temperature etc.. The switches given in the scooter are also beautifully crafted along with its handle bar and it suits its design. The side rear view mirrors are also innovatively designed and looks very nice. 

BGAUSS B8 e-scooter comes with a safety feature where if the scooter is in side stand it will not move. The scooter comes with daytime running LED lights aligned with LED head and tail lights. Scooter comes in six colors. 

BGAUSS offers the 3 years warranty for the B8 electric scooter model along with all around body guard without any additional cost.

BGAUSS B8 electric scooter is priced around Rs 95000/- depending on the subsidies different states offer the price may vary from state to state. 

For more details please visit: https://www.bgauss.com/b8-overview/

The above facts are best to our knowledge and if your find any discrepancies, kindly mail us at support@evhorse.com

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