Increased competition in EV space - OLA S1 Pro Vs Ather 450X

In India, Ather is considered as one of the pioneers in electric scooter manufacturing and presently they have models like Ather 450 Plus and Ather 450X.

Ather 450X is their flagship model and is now facing stiff competition from other new players in the market.

Today we would compare the Ather 450X against OLA’s flagship model S1 Pro and check which scooter model offers more value for money.

Ather 450X offers a sporty look which is something the youth would like. OLA S1 Pro is a normal cute looking scooter which usually is liked by all ages. OLA S1 Pro is offered in 10 colors whereas Ather 450X is offered in 3 colors. Technically OLA S1 Pro has better numbers like OLA S1 Pro has 3.97 kWh battery pack with a 8.5 kW motor comparing this with Ather 450X, it comes with 2.9 kWh with a 6 kWh motor.

In terms of range OLA S1 Pro in normal mode is expected to go upto 150 km but compare the same with Ather 450X which travels 85 kms in eco mode.

If you compare the acceleration for both OLA S1 Pro and Ather 450X, they can reach 0-40 kmph in 3 seconds and 3.3 seconds respectively.

Top speed for both OLA S1 Pro and Ather 450X is 115 and 85 kmph respectively. OLA S1 Pro can travel 75 km in 18 minutes charging using a fast charger. Compared to Ather 450X which will only travel 15 km in 10 minutes of fast charging. Also the charging time at home for OLA S1 Pro is faster than Ather 450X.

OLA S1 Pro has a bigger under seat capacity than Ather 450X but Ather 450X comes with under seat illumination.

Ather 450X has a flat floorboard which can carry a good amount of load but OLA S1 Pro has a protruding floorboard which will be difficult to carry load on the floor board.

In terms of tech features, both scooters seem to be equally equipped, however, OLA S1 Pro has some additional features such as keyless access, voice assist, twin speaker to listen to music, hill hold control and cruise control.

When it comes to price also OLA S1 Pro seems to have a more value for money proposition than Ather 450X.

On-road price of Ather 450X in Bengaluru is Rs 1.44 lakh.
Expected On-road price of OLA S1 Pro in Bengaluru is Rs. 1.22 lakh

Ather energy has showrooms which display their scooters with online and offline purchase experience. It also has normal service centers. In the case of OLA they are completely trying things in a new way to have it all online, for example delivering and servicing a scooter at buyers preferred location. The success of this new approach can only be validated with owner’s feedback in the coming months.

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