DAO 703 by DAO electric

DAO is a startup company based in Hyderabad Telangana. Their latest electric scooter model in the market is DAO 703. 

The company has given a bulky design to DAO 703 and comes with a 3500 W Motor with peak power output 72 V BLDC wheel HUB motor. The scooter is powered by a Lithium-ion Ferro Phosphate battery of 72 V and capacity of 32Ah with a top speed of 70 kmph and range of 100 kms per charge and it takes about 3 hours to charge the scooter. 

The battery used in this scooter has Thermosafe feature which controls overheating and fast charging. Additionally the battery carries a warranty of 3 years and 2000 charge cycles. The battery is portable and easily chargeable at home or office

While on the quality and reliability test the scooter undergoes 300000 cycle of vibration tests along with CAR optimized high-strength distribution ratio. The Scooter is made from high-quality automotive grade cold rolled steel. 

The DAO 703 also has a new safety feature called IRS which is an innovative and intelligent Release System to start and get moving. The IRS ensures that the risk of accidentally starting and accelerating the Vehicle is avoided.

DAO 703 comes with Adjustable dual shocks in the rear and telescopic front suspension, disc brakes both in the front and the rear. The weight of the scooter without battery is 85 kgs and with battery is around 100 kgs. Underseat capacity is 28 liters where a full face helmet can easily fit. 

Some of features of DAO 703 are all LED lights, Digital instrument cluster, one click repair function, automatic power off during an accident or fall, electric car style charging port, anti-theft alarm, cruise control, keyless entry and a lot more

DAO 703 is expected to be launched in India by January 2022 and will be priced at around Rs 1.2 lac but with subsidies the price tag is expected to come down under Rs 90000/-

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