Evolet Electric Scooter - PONY

Evolet PONY is a scooter that belongs to the low speed electric scooter category which does not require license or registration. Being in the low speed category its top speed is 25 kmph. The ICAT certified e-scooter ‘Pony’ features a waterproof BLDC motor is capable of producing 250 watts of power

The Pony is offered in two variants, Pony EZ with a lead acid battery which takes 8-9 hours to charge and Pony Classic with a lithium ion battery which takes 3-4 hours for charge. These are removable batteries and its capacity is 48V 24Ah. 

Pony EZ which has the Lead Acid Battery can run upto 120 kms in one charge and the Pony Classic which has the Lithium-ion battery in one charge can run upto 100 kms. 

Evolet Pony comes with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. All lights in Pony electric scoots are LED’s and other features include mobile charging port and mobile app connectivity. Pony comes with 10 inch tyres with front telescopic shock and rear dual coil shock absorbers. The e-scooters also come with a full digital cluster which has basic speedometer, trip meter, battery indicator etc. Pony’s kerb weight is 82 kg and maximum loading capacity is 150 kg.

Evolet claims that Pony is a very cost efficient e-scooter. To travel 100 kms it costs only Rs 6/-. The color options available are White, Black, Red, Blue, Silver.

The price of Pony EZ is Rs 39499/- and the price of Pony Classic is Rs. 49499/- 
Evolet Pony at this price is one of the best e-scooters available. 

Motor: 18 Months
Lead Acid Battery: 1 Year
Lithium-ion Battery: 3 Years

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Evolet is a part of Gurugram based Rissala Electric Motors Pvt. Ltd. (REM), Evolet is a brand of new-age electric vehicles manufacturing scooters, motorcycles, quad bikes, mopeds, autos, ambulances and buses with ARAI and ICAT certification that have electrified the electric vehicle market while caring for nature.

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