A value proposition from Hykon in the electric three wheeler segment with Hykon Hetto eAuto

evHrose today would like to bring to your kind attention Hykon Hetto eAuto, a 3 wheeler gaining prominence in the electric 3 wheeler market. This is the second e-Auto from Kerala and first from the private sector.


The main highlight of Hykon Hetto eAuto is that in one charge it runs from 170 kms to 200 kms. The normal charging time for the battery is roughly 6 hours and with a fast charger it takes 2 hours for a full charge. 

It is powered by a 10 kWh Lithium-Ion battery. These are maintenance free batteries manufactured in house and presently is one of the high capacity batteries available in the market. These batteries have a lifespan of over 10 years with charging capabilities . It uses a 5.5 kilowatts powerful motor. It has a top speed of 60 kmph with a warranty of 38 months or 85000 kms 

Hykon also claims that the battery maintenance is made very easy for the owner as he or she will not have to change the whole battery in case a weakness is detected in the battery cells which can directly effect the travel range of the eAuto. Usually weakness in battery cells happens after several cycles of recharge. The manufacturing of the Hykon battery is done with smaller cells which are easily replaceable. This is very economical as the cost per battery cell is around Rs 150/- making it an easy alternative than changing an entire battery. 

The company claims low maintenance cost of less than 10 paisa per kilometer and running cost of 50 paisa per kilometer. It offers comfortable seating along with less vibration and noiseless travel. 

Hykon Hetto eAuto comes with HIll start assist control which offers great control on inclines. Further this electric auto offers dual braking system, spacious interiors, Digital speedometer, regenerative braking system, Bright LED front, rear and indicators lights.

The Hykon Hetto has a metal body and comes with a fiber mudguard, Dual front shock absorbers with 14 inch size tyres and helical spring hydraulic rear shocks. 

Hykon Hetto eAuto is the only eAuto in the market to have an 1.5 kW on board AC charger which is waterproofed by an Aluminum diecast body. Hykon keeping in mind the complete customer satisfaction, has a customer care center with a dedicated team for Hykon Hetto owners 

The on-road price of Hykon Hetto eAuto is Rs. 3,25,000/- To know more about Hykon Hetto eAuto: https://www.hykonindia.com/electric-vehicle

Hykon Hetto eAuto is manufactured by Hykon India Limited. The Company has been in the battery business from 1991 onwards. Starting small with just a capital of Rs. 50,000/- with 5 employees in a rented building,  Hykon now has grown to have many companies under its umbrella which manufacture Solar home inverters, Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery packs, Solar water heaters, stabilisers for LED’s TV’s. Air conditioners and much more. Having its own corporate office in Thrissur, Kerala, it presently has over 450 employees and has four manufacturing units located in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. 

Hykon Hetto eAuto is manufactured at Thrissur, Kerala at their Vellikulangara unit which started last August 2020. The entire unit is presently focused in manufacturing electric three wheelers. This unit is capable of manufacturing 200 units in a month 

Hykon has done their homework well in getting an eAuto which can run upto 200 kms in one charge. They have taken the concerns of many auto drivers seriously who were not willinging to shift to electric auto as the range for many eAuto’s were in between 80 to 100 kms. 

As you all know that the fuel prices are increasing on a daily basis which are hurting the pockets of common people, we expect to see many auto drivers moving into electric auto’s very soon. Similarly expect manufacturers coming out with many electric Auto launches in the near future.

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