Super Soco CUmini electric scooter coming to India

super soco cumini

Super Soco CUmini electric scooter coming to India Vmoto has signed an MoU with Indian agency Bird Group and could talk about participating in the distribution of the Super Soco CUmini and Super Soco CUx. Vmoto is the Australian e-bike manufacture and distribution organization that created a JV business enterprise known as Vmoto Soco with Chinese brand Super Soco last year. Bird Electric showcased a Super Soco electric scooter at the Auto Expo 2020, named as(ES1+)

The Super Soco CUmini is a design inspired by the Super Soco CUx. Super Soco CUmini it’s a light weight scooter designed for short, urban commutes,as claimed by Vmoto Soco.  It will be available in the hero colour red, as well as black, gray, and white 

Super Soco CUmini features

Tubular shaped headlamps, U-shaped outer ends, LED tail light, LED rear turn signals, keyless start with a remote, and monochrome LCD instrument cluster and 12-inch wheels are other key features of the Super Soco CUmini.
Use of CUmini 4.0 management Super Soco App (option) gives more features.

Super Soco CUmini Specifications

Super Soco CUmini is powered by a 600-watt (0.6 kW) electric motor that gets its juice from a 48V, 28Ah, or a 0.96 kWh battery pack with NCM technology and is controlled by the FOC3.3 control unit. Super Soco CUmini that can be charged fully in 7-8 hours and offers 60-70 km at full charge.

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