The Hyundai Kona Electric | Electric cars in india

The Hyundai Kona Electric | Electric cars in india

The Kona Electric was the very first legitimate electric SUV to enter the Indian market. Zapping one of the most famous identifications all throughout the actual planet says something regarding Hyundai’s expectations behind the vehicle. Presently, the Kona may be more costly than the monikers we talked about till now, however the top notch cost additionally brings along some superior viewpoints to the table.

You get four driving modes including Eco+, Eco, Comfort, and Sport.

Beginning with the battery, the Kona Electric gets a 39.2-kilowatt-hour lithium-particle polymer battery which, as indicated by Hyundai, offers an ARAI guaranteed a scope of 452 km. This obviously outperforms the reach we have seen as of recently.

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